With only 0,25 € a meal for a child in Mamfe is financed!

War in South-West Cameroon

A civil war has been raging in Mamfe and the whole of West Cameroon for almost five years, yet it is hardly noticed by the world public. Separatists and government security forces face off in a conflict that has its roots in the country's colonial history and bilingualism. Independent organisations report serious human rights violations; according to the United Nations, 700,000 people are now on the run.

The conflict is becoming increasingly brutal. Young men, so-called Amba boys, are fighting the army. The army in turn launches military operations and suspects the civilian population of supporting the separatists. Whole villages are burnt down, people are murdered, intimidated and kidnapped.

Schools are also attacked, several children are killed or injured. School closures are forced - often it is impossible to trace who is really responsible in the end.

Picture right:Andrew Nkea Fuanya, Archbishop of Bamenda, former Bishop of Mamfe. He is working for peace on the ground and can use all the international support he can get. Archbishop of Bamenda: Church committed to peace and justice

Mamfe urgently needs support

The protracted Anglophone crisis in Cameroon has severely affected the pastoral activities of the Mamfe diocese, where the bishop had to take the painful decision to close parishes. In one of the parishes, a priest was shot and killed in 2018. Although nine of the 16 parishes have recently reopened, the situation is still very difficult: some of the roads are completely blocked, some of the bridges are cut off.

The Diocese of Mamfe has been fighting hard to keep the schools running, especially in Mamfe town. The diocese has also launched a financial initiative aimed at alleviating poverty. "We have launched this microfinance institution so that people can have access to some kind of cash to help them restart their lives," Bishop Nkea said. "Many of them have lost everything. When we talk to people to get them to come back, we need to set up programmes to help them start their lives again."

One specific project we want to support in the Africa Working Group aims to reduce hunger and malnutrition among the children of the most vulnerable families by providing school meals. A second goal is to realise the fundamental right of every child to education. Currently, rampant poverty leads to child labour (children collecting scrap metal, working on construction sites, peddling...).

Kinder sammeln Schrott

More children work than go to school - but both on an empty stomach. / Instead of going to school, children are expected to help their families earn what they can (here collecting scrap metal).

Feeding programme

Under this feeding programme, 2,800 children aged 6 to 15 from six schools are enrolled in a feeding and youth support programme. In addition to alleviating hunger and malnutrition, this feeding programme will increase the value of education and encourage parents to send their children back to school where they will receive a nutritious meal (initially only) 3 days a week.

The double benefit of the concept of this programme is that it simultaneously strengthens communities and helps to restore the livelihoods of those who have been left with nothing due to the conflict: Farmers will produce staple foods for the school feeding programme and the Diocese of Mamfe will buy them from them. This local contribution from the communities means that the project is community-driven. Committees will be formed in the communities (more than 60% of which will be women). Monitoring and evaluation will be done by Caritas in Mamfe.

We urgently ask for your support. Perhaps you can donate some of the money you were not able to spend here in the catering sector last year to feed a child. Just €0.25 will finance a meal!

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On behalf of the many children, the Africa Working Group thanks you!