St. John's College (Mamfe diocese)

Installation of an IT-Lab

St.Johns IT-Labor

St. Johns College is located in the direct proximity of the bishopís residence in Mamfe. It is under the direct administration of the diocese.

Through generous donations from local companies and institutions an IT-Lab could be installed in St. Johns College in 2006. It is now an integral part of the school curriculum.

Construction of sanitary facilities

The sanitary facilities in St. Johns College (boarding school for approx. 650 pupils) were in a catastrophic condition. With donations received from the childrenís charity Kindermissionswerk (carol singersí activity) new sanitary facilities could be constructed in 2009. The work was carried out by local Cameroon people.

The first contacts with Mamfe diocese have developed into a very lively and lived communication and exchange. This has been underscored by personal visits, amongst others from Bishop Francis Lysinge to Nuertingen.

The first photo shows the original state, the following two photos were taken during our visit in February 2011:

Alte Latrinen Neubau Neubau